Kevin Hart Of Green Check Verified Moderated A Panel On Debt Financing At Benzinga’s Cannabis Capital Conference


Kevin Hart, Founder and CEO of Green Check Verified, moderated at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference at the ‘Debt Financing: The Industry’s White Knight in 2023’ panel.

When the legalized cannabis industry first blew up, there was an abundance of lenders that were eager to finance emerging cannabis companies; however, the last 18 months have witnessed a decrease in lenders. Hart led industry leaders through an informative discussion on how the lending landscape has evolved and what the recent economic downturn has meant for the industry.

One of the interesting insights was the belief that debt financing these days is more thoughtful with increased due diligence than it was at the start of the cannabis burst, even though there is less equity available than in previous years.

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Featured photo by Budding . on Unsplash

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