Spring time means cleaning time


By Don Rush
Special to the Clarkston News

When spring rolls around, many area residents start cleaning out their basements, garages and under their sink.
Chances are they will also find old household hazardous waste and will need to safely dispose of those items.
Household hazardous waste are the unwanted or unusable portion of consumer products which contain substances that can harm people or the environment. Unlike industrial hazardous wastes, household hazardous wastes are not regulated. Most households can identify at least a few products as hazardous.
Household cleaners, paint, pesticides, batteries and prescription medicines are just a few. While they may have made our lives easier they can also be toxic to our health and our environment when we throw them away.
Starting this month and going through September, Oakland County will have a number of NoHaz collection events for county residents to dispose of household waste. While all residents can participate, if your community is not a contributing member of the NoHaz program, the cost for disposal is $125 per vehicle.
Local member communities include: Clarkston ($15 per vehicle), Groveland Township ($10), Independence Township ($15), Lake Orion Village ($15), Oakland Township ($15), Orion Township ($15), Oxford Township (Free), Oxford Village (Free), Springfield Township ($15), Waterford Township ($15).
Addison Township, Brandon Township, Leonard and Ortonville are not member communities. Addison Township is working on having hazardous waste disposal sometime later on in the spring or during the summer.
The county’s official NoHaz website (NoHaz.com) states registration links will be posted there approximately three weeks prior to each collection event.
If people are unable to register online, registration forms will be available onsite.
The site states to “clearly separate your hazardous waste from other possessions in your vehicle, and split it into three types: paint; electronics and other household hazardous waste.”
The site also states to clearly separate items brought for disposal from other possessions in your vehicle. Bring acceptable materials only; liquids must be in leak-proof five-gallon containers or smaller. Bring residential waste only; no business, institution or contractor waste.
When you arrive at the event, present your driver’s license or other proof of residency and your registration ticket (either printed or on a mobile device) and to remain in your vehicle at all times.
A list of what is acceptable to dispose and what is not can be found on the NoHaz.com website.
All collection events will run from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Upcoming NoHaz Events
Saturday, April 29
Pine Knob Music Theatre
33 Bob Seger Drive, Clarkston
Saturday, June 3
Oxford Middle School
1420 Lakeville Road, Oxford
From M24/Lapeer Road, travel east on Burdick Street
Saturday, July 22
Kensington Church
4640 S, Lapeer Road, Orion Twp.
Saturday, September 16
Oakland County Service Center Campus
1200 N. Telegraph Road, Pontiac
Follow signs once on campus

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