QUIZ: How many of these random classical music facts do you know?


Classical music

How many random classical music facts do you know? Photo: Supplied.

What did Haydn do when he was expelled from his choir at 16? What do the ‘William Tell Overture’ and Vivaldi’s ‘Summer’ have in common? And what does Eine Kleine Nachtmusik mean?

This Saturday (29 April), the renowned string quartet from the UK, The Brodsky Quartet, will play a 10-piece program at the Fitters Workshop for the Canberra International Music Festival. At the end of the quiz, you can enter the draw for 1 of 5 double passes to the event.

Note that your performance in the quiz won’t change your status in the draw for tickets, but it does mean that you know your classical music. Hit Take the Quiz to start:

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