Wonkybot Sends ‘Dr Epic’ Back To The ’80s In Musically-Inspired Season 2 Finale; Drops Soundtrack EP

Wonkybot Studios has just dropped the highly anticipated season two finale of supervillain comedy series The Dr. Epicopolis & 1102 Show of Shows, alongside a soundtrack EP which includes the original song “Supervillain” featured in the finale.

The episode can be heard below!

Created by television scribe and Wonkybot founder Stewart St John, ‘Dr. Epicopolis & 1102’ is a full-cast, supervillain comedy series centering around Dr. Ezekiel Epicopolis (St John), a flamboyant, mad-scientist whose desire to become the world’s most feared supervillain never materializes due to his oversized ego and dysfunctional crew of workplace misfits. Epic is assisted by his six-foot-five inhuman minion 1102 (Michael Plahuta), diabolical robot EB3 (Todd Fisher), and Sveltlanna, aka ‘Ms. Cosmetix’, a sexy supervillainess scheming to become Epic’s wife.

In the season two finale entitled “1984 Or Bust”, Dr. Epicopolis, 1102 and Svetlanna must travel to the past to stop Epic’s renegade robot EB3 from ushering in the singularity, but the only way they can time jump is through the soundwaves of an 80s-inspired song Epic has to sing, compliments of a seven-year-old Indian princess supervillain (guest star Taksvhi Kaushik) who controls time.

It’s the culmination of a season-long story pitting Dr Epic and EB3 in a brutal battle for the presidency of the Supervillain Cartel.

“Stewart came up with a wild storyline this season that had us all laughing,” said Todd Fisher, Wonkybot co-founder and co-executive producer of the series. “I also think we really pushed the production boundaries for what an audio series can be as we tried some really cool new things – like the infusion of an interactive component that allowed fans to vote on storylines.”

“Music also played a big role this season,” added Plahuta who, in addition to scoring the show, also co-composed and produced original songs for the hit audio series with musical partner St John. “Stewart and I wanted to turn some key moments into funny musical opportunities within the show, so we ended up writing a hilarious ballad for 1102 where he’s singing about his lady love Milliana, a pop song for EB3 where he’s warbling about his hatred of mankind and push for the singularity, and of course the 80s-style song ‘Supervillain’ , a tune that Dr Epic needs to sing in order to travel back to ’84.”

The final EP track listing is: Series Main Theme, ‘Supervillain’, ‘Robotic’ (Feat. Todd Fisher as EB3), and ‘Milliana [Baby It’s The Truth]’.


Wonkybot Entertainment is a content production company creating high-quality franchise IP geared to exist across all media platforms. The company produces all of its audio-first content in-house through production arm Wonkybot Studios and sound house Wonkybot Cinematic Audio, and distributes through its Wonkybot Podcast platform. Wonkybot is repped by CAA, who also rep the co-founders individually.

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