Dead Island 2 soundtrack | Full song list & opening track revealed

The long wait for Dead Island 2 is finally over, and now you’re all playing it, you’re wondering what its soundtrack consists of and if you can listen to it outside of the game. Luckily, we know what the full song list for the zombie-slaying game is and how to enjoy it.

There aren’t too many tracks in the game, but what there is is an entertaining list of songs from artists across different genres.

You’ll find a mix of original pieces by Ryan Williams (who has worked on various game soundtracks), along with commercial tracks released by existing artists and composers in this soundtrack.

Read on for the full list of songs in the Dead Island 2 soundtrack and find out where to listen to them.

Dead Island 2 soundtrack: Full song list

There are 16 tracks listed in total as part of the Dead Island 2 soundtrack. Ryan Williams is known to have composed some other instrumental songs in the game, too, however.

The full song list of the Dead Island 2 soundtrack is as follows (song followed by artist):

  • And They Fall Down | Saint Agnes
  • Awoken | Ross Tregenza (instrumental)
  • Blood Red Carpet | Nick Hill (instrumental)
  • Crimson Sunset | Luciano Rossi (instrumental)
  • Don’t Sleep | Konstantinos Pope (instrumental)
  • Drive North | SWMRS
  • Drown | Danger Mouse & Karen O
  • Hotel of the Dead | Simon James (instrumental)
  • Humans Are Such Easy Prey | Perturbator
  • Lemon Swayze | Kunzite
  • Right On, Frankenstein | Death From Above 1979
  • Sad Wedding | Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
  • Stay Alive | FFM feat Felix Bushe
  • Trains, Brains & Automobiles | Ross Tregenza (instrumental)

Where to listen to Dead Island 2 soundtrack

You can’t listen to the whole soundtrack anywhere outside of the game just yet, but you can listen to the menu screen/main theme song on YouTube.

You should be able to find the majority of the game’s tracks on YouTube to listen to the old fashioned way with the search bar as your guide.

While we wait for a Spotify playlist of the soundtrack (official or otherwise), you can always search for each track in the full song list above to make your own. That’s if each song is on the music streaming platform, anyway.

We’ve embedded the game’s title track from Danger Mouse and Karen O for your listening pleasure below:

Can I buy the Dead Island 2 soundtrack?

You cannot currently buy the Dead Island 2 soundtrack. However, considering there were physical CD soundtracks of Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide, we could eventually see a similar release for Dead Island 2.

We’ll update this page with new information if and when it becomes available. For now, you can listen to the soundtrack in-game and manually find the individual songs on YouTube or Spotify.

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