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[2023年4月22日] After a long absence, it has been more than a year since FANTHFUL RECORDS’ first project “Legend of Sword and Fairy-95” soundtrack was well received. Today, FANTHFUL RECORDS is back with fire! For all players and friends, I present the famous soundtrack of the game-FR002 “Dark Soul Trilogy” music soundtrack.

Players and friends can go to the FANTHFUL Collector official website (https://collector.fanthful.com) to pre-order. The series will be officially released on October 31, 2023.

Officially authorized by Bandai Namco, FANTHFUL RECORDS participated in the design and release of the “Dark Souls Trilogy” soundtrack series. The CD album and vinyl album released this time contain 43 original soundtracks composed by Toshi Sakuraba and Yuka Kitamura respectively. In addition, the independent cover in this special package was specially drawn by the artist “-ERSHAO-“.

“Dark Souls Trilogy” Original Music Soundtrack Vinyl Album

Contains the “Dark Soul” series of games, with a total of 43 original music tracks

Based on the theme of “Solar of Astra”, “Lukatier of Miller” and “Jack Bardo of Catalina” who accompany the player in the adventure, it has an exclusive special edition cover and Inner seal, this set of vinyl albums is presented in three-color glue.

“Dark Souls” LP1 is a solid red color vinyl record, “Dark Souls 2” LP2 is a solid dark blue color vinyl record, and “Dark Souls 3” LP3 is a solid gold color vinyl record.

Price: 498 HKD / set

“Dark Souls Trilogy” Soundtrack CD Album

Contains the “Dark Soul” series of games, with a total of 43 original music tracks

3CD pack, with an exclusive specially designed cover and newly drawn character inner cover, the CD disc is specially printed with exquisite patterns

Price: 198 HKD / set

Pre-order now to have a chance to receive limited bonuses:

The pre-order bonus of the vinyl album is the “Dark Soul Trilogy” cover painting theme A5 folder (3 types);

The pre-order bonus of the CD album is the “Dark Soul Trilogy” cover painting themed glasses cloth (3 types);

For more details, please email the FANTHFUL Collector platform and FANTHFUL official Weibo (the quantity is limited, while supplies last!)

About FANTHFUL: FANTHFUL is committed to serving fans who love popular culture such as games, movies, animations, etc., and provides high-quality officially authorized genuine peripheral derivative products. “Everyone is a fan, bringing fans more fun and interesting peripherals” is our purpose. Official direct online stores include www.fanthful.com, FANTHFUL Taobao Store, FANTHFUL App and FANTHFUL WeChat Mall Mini Program.

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