Gucci Enters The Board Games And You Need 600 Thousand Pesos

gucci adds to Louis Vuitton to the list of luxury brands that diversify into unexpected categories and in the case of the Italian firm, it enters the segment of table games.

This diversification is to reach a consumer who has very clear reasons to buy not just a garment, footwear or leather accessory, now they are interested in a 600,000-peso board game, at least they think so guccibecause if we review studies such as the one conducted by swagbucksa majority of 49 percent bought luxury for a special occasion and 47 percent did so because they consider that they are higher quality products.

Gucci and an expensive toy

Gucci enters the board game business and has done so with a product that has all kinds of ornaments and luxury details, such as a briefcase covered in genuine crocodile skin.

This measure by Gucci is part of the efforts for the brand to consolidate itself in the formula that many luxury brands follow and is to have more presence in the lives of consumers who have access to these high-cost products.

The piece is named Decorative Wooden Chessboard and it stands out for absolutely all the details it has, from the lining of the luxurious briefcase, the printing of the cards, the ornamental design of the chips and the statement that with this product Gucci diversifies in the home products market.

The game inspired by pieces from the fifties, has pieces made of marble, in addition to the fact that the brand has presented it as a product “inspired by the playful spirit and the selected details of these items, this decorative game is presented in a black crocodile case. The Grotesque Garden print decorates the interior and coordinates with the card game. The motif represents the lion’s head on a dark and melancholy background with floral designs.

Just as Gucci has chosen to enter the category of board games, other luxury brands have done so but entering more demanded categories and present in the reality of the consumer such as technology.

Louis Vuitton It has at least eleven technological products between smartwatches, wireless speakers and battery chargers. One of the most expensive products is a “Trunk PM Horn” with a cost of more than 200,000 pesos and consists of a horn in the shape of a small trunk.

“The Trunk PM speaker, inspired by the love of music from Virgil Ablohreflects the avant-garde style of the skin theme Taurillon Illusion from the Spring-Summer 2022 collection. The trunk-shaped design features an all-over Monogram motif perforated and embossed with an effect tie dye. The piece is enhanced with impeccable details such as Monogram flower screws and a resistant strap to carry it”, explains the brand when presenting it.

These products are important consumer benchmarks of how brands are becoming more and more involved with products that help establish themselves in unexpected categories, demonstrating that brand flexibility is a great value bet for these brands.

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