Classical Music Playlist, April 14, 2023


The Richard Strauss opera Der Rosenkavalier from 1911 is set in Vienna in the 1740s, about a hundred years before Johann Strauss Jr popularized the waltz. Putting historic accuracy aside, Richard Strauss composed plenty of new music in ¾ time for a nostalgic nod to the charms of old Vienna. In 1945 Strauss didn’t arrange, but did approve, the creation of a Suite of music from his opera. That Rosenkavalier Concert Suite is today’s Midday Masterpiece.

Der Rosenkavalier is also the Saturday morning Met Opera live broadcast on CapRadio starting at 10am. The Met will also stream the opera live to movie theaters if you want to see it. Go to and use their cinema-finder for a theater near you! NOTE! In cinemas it starts at NINE AM!!

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