“They Got This Little Rope Like We’re Boxed”: Eagles Superfan Kevin Hart Reveals NFL Kept Eyes on Him During the Super Bowl for A Bizarre Reason


Every NFL team has its fanbase that holds its team in the highest regard, and the same goes for celebrities as well. One such interesting case is that of the Philadelphia Eagles and Kevin Hart. Kevin Hart has always been a huge Philly Eagles fan, and he has never been hesitant to show it. The famous actor has been a die-hard fan of all the Philadelphia teams and, with the recent success of the Eagles, he went all out. He even made an expensive purchase when the Eagles made the Super Bowl. Furthermore, the comedian-turned-actor had a hilarious Super Bowl story that he shared on the Rich Eisen Show.

Hart spoke about his excitement at watching his team make the Super Bowl. He also spoke about the interesting way in which he was treated as a fan. Admittedly, Hart has the reputation of being an overzealous fan, and the security team of the Super Bowl kept that in mind.

The restrictions placed on Kevin Hart during the Super Bowl


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It seems like the crew at the Super Bowl was on guard for Kevin Hart’s shenanigans. While on the Rich Eisen show, the actor was questioned if he had any interesting Super Bowl story regarding his behavior. The actor chuckled and explained an interesting tale.

He mentioned that the security team was keeping an eye on him during the Division Championship game. Reportedly, he and Michael Rubin were near the field and they were kept on a tightrope by the security team. Hart went on to explain how they kept a vigilant eye on him throughout the game.

He explained his interaction with the security team and said, “They got like this little rope like it’s like we’re boxed in this little thing.“Reportedly, the security team had been specifically instructed to keep an eye on Kevin. This was something that happened at the Super Bowl as well. The security team was on guard for Hart’s behavior. While Rihanna was performing, Hart met with his friend who was part of the production of the show. His friend revealed that Hart’s name had been dropped during their meeting that involved security for the Super Bowl.

His friend said that they had strict instructions of keeping him away from the field. Hart quoted his friend and said, “They’re like Kevin Hart cannot touch the tote. Don’t let Kevin Hart go onto the podium and I said I’ll be damned. I said this is bigger than life by the likeness is now being discussed pre-Super Bowl and security meetings.” Interestingly, Hart isn’t the only celebrity fan of the Eagles. They’ve garnered an interesting celebrity fanbase.


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The star-studded Philly fanbase

The Eagles have a huge fanbase. While some might think the fanbase is annoying, they also have some of the most famous personalities supporting them. A few prominent names include POTUS Joe Biden and the famous singer, Taylor Swift. Even the revered Hollywood actor, Sylvester Stallone, and Hangover star Bradley Cooper are proud fans of the Eagles. Rappers Meek Mill and Will Smith have also shown love for the Philly team. All in all, the Eagles have a very famous fan following.

USA Today via Reuters

With such star-studded fans in their fanbase, the Eagles are bound to have Kevin Hart-like incidents on the field. It only remains to be seen if any other famous supporter earns this kind of treatment from the security team.


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