“That Is My Guy”: Kevin Hart Steps Side From His Friendship With Dwayne Johnson While Remembering $25M Worth Hollywood Star


Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson have a fun friendship, to say the least. Hollywood fans are aware of the fun bond that the two share. Johnson and Hart have done great films together. This includes blockbusters such as Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Jumanji: The Next Level. The list doesn’t stop there but goes all the way back to ‘Central Intelligence’ in 2016.

Despite the duo’s impeccable chemistry, Johnson is still not Hart’s first choice when it comes to recalling his favorite comedic partner. In a recent fun interview with GQ, Hart was seen talking about an old friend of his and it’s not The Rock.

Whom did Hart choose over Dwayne Johnson?


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The star that Hart chose is also an old co-star that used to work with him. In the video, Kevin Hart had to read aloud and answer comments regarding himself. YouTube was the segment that he covered toward the end. There was a comment saying, “Everyone talks about Kevin and Rock, but I’m still loving Kevin’s original duo. Kevin Hart and Anthony Anderson.” To this, the Hollywood comedian had an interesting response.

That is my guy, man. Me and Anthony had a lot of fun doing those scary movies. Yeah, we were used after they stole the franchise from the Wayans Brothers (laughs). Yeah, me and Anthony worked together a lot, man. I’m joking about that but there is a little bit of truth in there. So they needed two other black guys, they picked me and Anthony,” recalled the actor.

This implies that even though Johnson and Hart share a good friendship, Hart still has more friends than Johnson fans would expect him to have.

However, this also doesn’t necessarily mean that Hart would stop appearing in films with The Rock.


Dwayne Johnson’s Hollywood future with best friend Hart


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Another interesting movie that the duo is featured in is ‘Hobbs and Shaw’. Although the comedian did not appear in a crucial role, the cameo was a comic relief nevertheless. However, following an on-set feud with a co-star, Vin Diesel, Johnson has left the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise

Due to this, fans will not see Johnson again in future projects of the film, probably leaving Hart out of those movies as well.


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Apart from this, fans should always be on the lookout for what the future may hold for the iconic duo. With future installments of Jumanji a big possibility it may not be too long before we see this fun pair on the big screen again.

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