Drummr Africa partners with African creatives for new compilation album, ‘Yamen Yamen’

Date of Release: September 15, 2022

Length: 38 minutes 7 seconds

Features: 18 – Bash the Piper, SirBastien, Kibra, Garey Godson, Nano Shayray, Shime Ahua, Kimboardist, Malaika Khadijaa, Bash the Piper, maw from nowhere, Tofa Jaxx, Freeman Kamili, Naya Akanji, Essilfie, Seo, TheLastLetter, and June Sometimes.

Label: Drummr Africa /Maxtreme Inc

Details/Takeaway: Drummr Africa, a Lagos-based Alternative Arts and Emerging Artists Digital Press Platform and Community, has recently released Yamen Yamen, a pan-African Collective Music and Art Project featuring music artists, digital and visual artists, music producers, press publicists, and music business players from across the African continent and its diaspora.

The ‘Yamen Yamen’ music album features emerging artists telling cohesive stories of love, vulnerability, ease, and rest through sounds considered alternative in their respective locations.

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